Property History

“People once walked to the Fair from great distances. But during the 1980’s, it was the size of the crowd and the lack of space for parking that prompted the search for new Fairgrounds. Society trustees wrestled with the problem for some time…lifelong farmer and Society president Elisha Smith began conversations with Edwin Newhall “Bob” Woods, owner of the land on the Panhandle that had been used for off-site parking for a few years. Mr. Woods’s generosity made it possible for the Society to purchase the land. And soon plans were afoot to create something new.” Bountiful pg. 131

A wooden barn was located and “In the early 1990’s, forty-two volunteer “Barnbusters” went to Woodsville, New Hampshire, and during five snowy, blustery days…the barn was cleaned out, the metal roof peeled off, the sheathing stripped down to bare frame…off came the rafters, down came the bents. Pegs were pounded out. Every beam and board numerically tagged, stacked and bundled. Loaded on the trucks. A caravan of Barnbusters and the barn-laden trucks headed for Woods Hole.” Bountiful pg. 133

“The call went out for volunteers and about ninety showed up. Those with specific skills were set to work using them. The frame went up in a day: Friday, November 4th 1994.” Bountiful pg. 134

After nearly 130 years at the old grange, the Agricultural Society moved to its current location in 1995.