Dale McClure is the owner of Watercourse Construction. As President of the Society he sits on all of our committees. He enjoys being a part of the Society and contributing to local agriculture.

Vice Presidents

James Athearn owns and operates Morning Glory Farm with his family. He’s been a member of the Society for decades and sits on the program alliance, scholarship and zoning committees.

Abigail Scott Higgins is a gardener and writer. You may know her from the Garden Notes column of the MV Times. She is interested and concerned with the state of Island agriculture and has been a Trustee of the Society for over 40 years.

John J. Mancuso has been a member of the Society for over 35 years. He enjoys being part of a great Island institution that works to benefit local farmers.


Nola Mavro is an Assistant Treasurer at Martha’s Vineyard Savings Bank. She’s also been our Treasurer as well as a Trustee since 1978.


Eleanor Neubert owns and operates Flatpoint Farm with her extended family. She is the Society Secretary and the Fair Manager.


Brian Athearn is the owner of MV Tech Inc. He also runs Run-a-muck farm with his family. He is passionate about local agriculture and making a contribution to the community.

George B. Athearn has been a member of the Society for over 30 years. He became a trustee to contribute to Island Agriculture. He’s a member of the program alliance, building & grounds committee and the Society custodian.

Clarence A. Barnes III (Trip) owner of Barnes Movers (, describes himself as a truck driver/furniture mover. He’s a trustee because he not only wants to keep agriculture alive but also the Islands ability to do things for itself and be sustainable.

Bill Haynes is the owner of Haynes Plumbing and Caretaking. He has been a member of the Society for nearly 30 years. He is interested in local food and agriculture and enjoys helping out at the fair and maintaining the property.

Robert H. Hungerford has been a member of the Society for over 25 years. He is the Livestock Barn Manager as well as an integral part of our building & grounds, museum and zoning committees.

Tim Mavro is a truck driver for R.M. Packer & Co. He became a trustee in 2014 to help the Society move forward.

Jefferson Munroe is the Owner of The Good Farm. He joined the Society because it is a trusted Island institution; he became a trustee to support the Society and connect to with the farming community.

Allen Whiting is a farmer and an artist. His Great Grandfather started the Society and he has been a member all his life. He believes farming is an essential part of Island life.

Beatrice Whiting is a nurse at Martha’s Vineyard Hospital. Her family is rooted in the Society and Island agriculture. She is passionate about the family farm she grew up on and growing her own food. She enjoys being a part of the program alliance and hopes she can help bring a young farmer perspective to the Society.

Tara Whiting is the West Tisbury Town Clerk. She feels privileged to have been born to a family farm in West Tisbury. Serving as a Trustee is a way to give back to the local farming community.


Alternate Trustees

Julie Scott is a veterinary technician and goat farmer. She has a passion for sharing agriculture with others, turning people into farmers, making life easier for farmers, raising happier healthier animals, eating good food, community building and of course, dancing.

Will Warner has been involved with the Society since 1996. He began as a competitor and a volunteer at our Woodsmans Contest. He also services our fleet of golf carts and volunteers his time at events. Will became a lifetime member of the Society in 2010 and joined us as an alternate trustee in 2014.